Are you a security professional looking to join an empowered team where your employer supports your career growth and provides the most training available in Ontario? Become a part of the Primary Response Team and enjoy all the benefits we have to offer!

Primary Response is committed to offering:

  • Competitive Pay & Promotion from Within

    At Primary Response, we provide competitive salaries, and opportunities for advancement through comprehensive personal development, retention, recognition, and betterment strategies. Our staff employees are the best ambassadors for our company, so we make every effort to promote from within.

  • Comprehensive Benefits Packages

    At Primary Response, we know how important your health and well-being are. We are proud to offer one of the industry's best benefits packages to our employees.

  • More Training than any other Security Company in Ontario

    Our team of certified instructors provides all levels of in-house security guard training including security techniques, self-protection, tactical communications, non-violent crisis intervention, customer service, access control, and report writing. We also offer a Canadian General Standards Board (#89065) accredited 56-hour Certified Security Officer program, specialist training in Defensive Tactics, Crisis Intervention, First Aid/CPR/AED, and site-specific training to ensure that you will be ready to do your job with confidence.

  • Reward and Recognition Programs

    Our most valuable asset is our Primary Response Team. We appreciate that our staff do great work and we feel it's important to recognize our team-players. We do this through a multi-tiered recognition program where peers, supervisors and management are all involved in nominating employees who exhibit the exemplary service quality our staff is known for.

  • Open Communication and a Culture of Empowerment

    At Primary Response, we stand behind our employees. We have a learning culture and support our staff, not only in success but in error. We promote employee accountability through responsible, fair and consistent leadership and recognizing individual efforts. We focus on open and frequent communications, progressive and supportive coaching actions and respect for all people. We listen to our employees and encourage them to be champions for change.

Current Opportunities

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    I have worked for Primary Response for six years now and it is a great company to work for because of its management team and staff. They are willing to listen and go that extra mile for you and treat their employees like family which is an amazing feeling. I feel very honored working for Primary Response. Jason S